Monthly Tuition

1st Class - $50.00, 2nd Class - $40.00

Flyers Cheer Team:

$75.00 Show Team, $125.00 All Competitive Teams

Tumbling classes: $50.00

Wings Ballet Company: Jr Wings $80.00, Sr. Wings $90.00


   (All tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE)




NSF Fees:

After the 10th of each month a $25.00 NSF feewill apply if credit card is declined and not piad non time 


Registration Fees:

$40.00 per student - Due at the time of registration


   (All Registration payments are NON-REFUNDABLE)




Costume Fees:

$60.00 Child Sizes (XSC - MC)


$65.00 Child Sizes (LC - XLC)


$75.00 Adult Sizes (AS - AL)


$80.00 Adult Sizes (AXL - Up)


   (All costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE)

    (All costumes must be paid in advance before ordering)




Recital Fees:

$50.00 per student - Due in January


     (All recital fees are NON-REFUNDABLE)